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Zoho Commerce, a new E-commerce Platform

Zoho announced several new products in Austin, Texas this week in front of a crowd of 1700. The most notable, Zoho Commerce, an integrated e-commerce platform. Zoho integrates with several applications to drive productivity and efficiency. This new application allows users to build an e-commerce site without any coding. Zoho is a cloud-based platform used by small business owners to drive growth. Business owners using Zoho can now reach new consumers through e-commerce.

Features of Zoho Commerce

  • Customizable SEO friendly website that doesn’t need coding
  • Content Management for your product catalog including variants, categories, collections, and product reviews
  • Integration with leading payment gateways and order cycle management
  • Inventory automation and tracking
  • Custom shipping rules and integrations (such as Fedex or UPS)
  • CRM integrations and tools to enhance customer engagement for increased conversion rate.

Zoho Commerce Pricing


Limitations of Zoho Commerce

There are a few limitations set by Zoho depending on the plan you choose, in general:

  • The maximum online sales are capped at $150,000 per year. Any additional sales beyond will be subject to additional charges.
  • The number of products you can input in your store is 500 for starter, 10,000 for Pro, and 20,000 for Plus.
  • The number of customer portals is set at 2000 for Starter, 25,000 for Pro, and 40,000 for Plus.
  • Only the Starter level has a limit on bandwidth capped at 10 GB/ month.
  • Each level has a limit on the number of pages but does not include product and category pages.
  • The number of users is capped at 2 for Starter and 6 for Pro, however, Plus does not list a cap on users.
  • Additionally, contributors are also capped with 1 contributor for Starter, 6 contributors for Pro, and no cap listed for Plus.

Request a demo or sign up now to get started with Zoho Commerce. Looking for more news on new E-commerce products? Check out our article on the new Instagram Checkout feature. Absolute Web Services specializes in e-commerce, digital marketing, and other services related to digital commerce. If you need help with your e-commerce website, contact us today.

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