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Social Insider: Tool That Keeps You One Step Ahead of the Competition

Social media is an essential component to any marketing strategy and analytics help your business grow and evolve. What some businesses might not understand is that evaluating their competition’s data is just as important as evaluating their own. Analytics and competitive research are all about understanding your audience better and in turn, you can improve your own strategy.

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Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms, which means this is where every business wants to promote their products and services. The negative aspect of this is that there is a lot of competition fighting for the same audiences’ attention. This is why Social Insider is a valuable tool. It can help give businesses deeper insight into their competition’s digital strategy on Instagram and Facebook. The tool is easy to use and provides in-depth analytics.


Here are some ways you can use Social Insider for Facebook Analytics:

Figure out who the most active fans are on your competitor’s Facebook pages

Social Insider has an Active Fan module. When this is activated the top 25 fans per page will be shown on your dashboard. You’ll be able to discover things like whether their audience is majority male or female and if they comment or just react to posts. There are also filters that allow you to identify the various reactions and comments.


Review boosted posts from your competitors’ pages

When you activate the boosted posts module from your Social Insider account you’ll get insights about your competitors’ paid media strategy. The boosted posts can be sorted by highest engagement, newest posts, most shared, comment count, and reactions.


See the most active countries from your competitors’ pages

This will allow you to better target your campaigns. For example, if you wanted to build an e-learning platform, first you’d add the Alison Facebook page and see the most active countries from their page. You’d want to get an understanding of why their followers are more active in one country versus another.

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Track hours when people are most active on Facebook pages

This feature can help you properly plan your monthly content calendars. Engagement is very important, so not only do you want to review when people are reacting to posts, but also when they are commenting the most. You’ll want to look out for things like if followers are active during lunch time or when they get off from work.


Get access to all your competitor’s posts on Facebook

This feature is only available for members who have a premium account. If you were to upgrade your account, you’d be able to find all the data on your dashboard. For example, you’d be able to see your competitors’ top posts from the last 30 days and the hours that people commented on their page.


Get top posts from your competitors for a specific time frame

Discover which posts generate more awareness and engagement for your competition’s Facebook pages. This includes text, video, events, and pictures. It has been proven that videos get the most engagement and pictures would follow in second place.

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Learn how your competitor’s pages have evolved

Manual work or outsourcing is no longer necessary. To understand your competitor’s audience through Social Insider, all you have to do is add the company’s Facebook page you wish to monitor, select the period you want, then let the tool process the data. The data can take between one to four hours depending on the period of time and the volume of data. No need to worry, the concierge team can help you through the process and send you updates.


Find out if followers use likes or reactions more

The community may love your brand, but you need to know about your competitive brands. Social Insider gives you access to the reactions evolution for a specific period.


Engagement by category: reactions, comments, and shares

You can compare your Facebook page performance with your top competitors and learn how to adjust your marketing communication. Observe key insights about your audience and how they prefer to interact with your business page. See if they’re sharing posts and if they’re using reactions or simple likes.

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Community Analysis: gender in comments and reactions

There’s a big difference between fans who react on Facebook comments and those who use reactions. Most people use Facebook’s reactions to express their emotions more than they use comments. Yes, you already have these insights within Facebook, but it’s great to have when you study your competitors.



Social Insider is all about being knowledgeable about what your competition is doing and using that information to improve your social media presence. As you analyze the competition, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes and optimizations to your strategy. You’ll be able to create better social media content that produces more engagement, more traffic, more reach, more followers, and ultimately more profit. Now that you have a better understanding of how Social Insider works, it’s time to give it a try: www.socialinsider.io

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