Swig Life

Performance Optimization, Product Bundles, Slideout Cart Implementation

Swig Life

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Boosting conversion rates and enhancing the user experience on Swig Life's website through improved UI/UX, product bundles, and an intuitive slideout cart.


Our constant goal is to boost Swig Life conversion rates and improve the user experience. We focused on optimizing the site UIUX and add custom functionality, to create a seamless shopping journey.

  • Custom UIUX Design
  • Custom Development
  • PDP Customization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Minicart Implementation
Swig Life


Our mutual efforts led to a more intuitive and engaging website through performance optimization and better UI/UX customer journeys. These enhancements significantly increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Product page screenshot

Product Bundle Upsell

Better user experience, and ultimately a better AoV metric for Swig Life.

Cart slideout screenshot

Slideout Cart Features

With a free shipping gamification bar and creative product upsells, average order value has seen a significant increase.

Enhanced Mobile Experience on Swig Life

Discover the elevated Swig Life mobile experience for intuitive shopping and improved ecommerce metrics.