Replatforming, Headless to Native, 3D Product View


Platforms and Integrations:

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Absolute Web partnered with the Modloft team to migrate from a custom platform to Shopify Plus, working together on improving the user experience and diligently working on optimizing the performance.


Overly complicated headless architecture. Modloft partnered with Absolute Web, to replatform and rebuild their frontend experience, using Shopify's native frontend.

  • Data Migration
  • Shopify Theme Customization
  • Performance Optimization
  • ERP Integration
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Custom Galleries
  • AR Product View

About Modloft

Modloft is a design-driven lifestyle brand for the modern consumer. It's that passion for the craft of furniture making from a bygone era that sets Modloft apart.

Responsive Design

Ensuring an optimal shopping experience across a wide range of devices.

In-Cart Recommendations

Smart product recommendations in the slide-out cart, improved the average order value and the overall user experience.

Mobile First: A Fresh Look at Modloft’s Enhanced Ecommerce

Streamlined navigation, accelerated page loading times, and improved checkout processes to deliver a seamless shopping experience that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of today's mobile-first consumers.