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Magento 1 to 2 Migration, Multi-Website, Product Quiz, Subscriptions

Glo Skin Beauty

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We upgraded from Magento 1 to Magento 2, featuring a revamped UX/UI design, smart search, and key functionalities like a mega menu, B2B bulk ordering, store locator, and more.


One significant challenge was migrating to Magento 2 while maintaining data integrity with the existing legacy ERP system, without causing operational disruptions. Customizing the website to handle complex shipping rates and developing a bulk order system for B2B usage also demanded sophisticated technical solutions tailored to specific business requirements.

  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration
  • Custom UX/UI design
  • Data restructuring
  • ERP integration
  • Smart Search
  • Mega Menu
  • Store Locator
  • Free Samples functionality
  • Matrix Shipping Rates
  • B2B Bulk Order Tool
  • Advanced product filtering
  • Performance optimization
  • Bolt Checkout integration
Glo Skin Beauty

About Glo Skin Beauty

Glo Skin Beauty provides professional treatments combined with homecare products to deliver transformative results for skincare professionals and their clients. Researched and developed with innovative, active ingredients, our professional products complement our retail products seamlessly, delivering your personalized prescription for healthy, beautiful skin.

Quiz & Product Recommendations

Personalized shopping experience by presenting users with tailored product suggestions based on their responses to a curated quiz.

Free Samples Module

We developed a free samples recommendation based on products added to the cart.

Enhanced Mobile Shopping Experience

We improved the mobile user experience on Glo Skin Beauty by optimizing navigation, improving page load speeds, and introducing a streamlined checkout process powered by Bolt Checkout.