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Eben Music Brings the Best International Music to Your Computer or Mobile Device

Eben Music was an ambitious idea, brought to life through an even more ambitious build executed by Absolute Web Services. We are not just blowing our own horns when we say that this site, and the associated mobile app, are amazing. Let us take a closer look at exactly what sets Eben Music apart and why we think this is going to quickly become one of the favorite streaming music services on the planet.

Elegant Interfaces

One of the most difficult things about building a site like Eben Music is finding a simple, user-friendly way to set up navigation and functionality. With as much power as a site like this has, it can be tempting to get carried away with menus, buttons, and other complications that make the site functional but not very easy to use. Instead, Absolute Web Services opted to go the other direction, creating a significantly streamlined interface that is simple and intuitive.

Eben music website designTo use the service, one must create an account. This can be done either by providing a username and password or by linking to a Facebook account. Once inside, the user first chooses a continent and then a country. When done, the site selects a song from that region and streams it to the user’s computer or device. The music interface is very familiar and as elegantly simple as the rest of the site.

In addition, users are able to check on music news in their desired region. That can be a great way to stay up to date on the music industry anywhere in the world. The site also offers fun features like horoscope and weather, making Eben Music a nice choice as a home page. A regular user can open Eben Music as they open their web browser, start the music, check their horoscope, and see what the weather will be like as they start their day. It is simple, user-friendly, and well-thought-out; a winning combination of form and function.

Mobile Application

eben music mobile appOf course, to be a truly perfect music streaming solution, a service such as Eben Music must also have a mobile application. Fortunately, Absolute Web Services was there to help, designing a mobile app that is as straightforward and intuitive as its website. Currently in development, the application will feature controls and functionality familiar to any user of other streaming services. Of course, the difference will be the international music element that only Eben Music truly provides, allowing the app user to listen to popular music from the country of his or her choosing. This unprecedented level of control over music selection will make listening to Nigerian favorites while walking through a park in Chicago, or jamming to Russian party music in Paris a fun and easy reality.

API Integration

Another forward thinking feature of the Eben Music service is its API. This will allow third party developers to integrate Eben Music’s functionality into websites and mobile applications, vastly expanding its potential. Websites can have constantly changing music streams from their favorite country playing in the background, mobile apps can help track a listener’s favorite songs from other countries, and manufacturers can build music players designed specifically to use Eben Music’s streaming service.

More to Come

With Eben Music’s already well-engineered and beautiful design and feature list, it may seem hard to imagine even more flowing from this project. But, that is exactly what will happen, with Eben Music planning to regularly refresh its service and add new features to improve and adapt its features. In the end, Eben Music seeks not to simply corner the market on international music streaming services, but to become the world’s free music service of choice.

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