Dedicated To Providing a Seamless Experience
for Buying Supplements

Beyond Health’s mission is simple – supply their customers with cutting-edge health information and the highest quality supplements and health-supporting products in the world. Their team understood that there are tons of vitamins and supplements on the market but most leave a lot to be desired.

With over 26 years of experience in the supplement industry, Beyond Health has a team of experts that have crafted formulas that ensure peak nutritional value. They want you to get the highest quality product and value for your money and ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs, wants and can use.

Beyond Health struggled with being able to convey their overall mission and why their supplements were of premium value to shoppers who came on their website. From their content, imagery, marketing and more – they knew their first-time customers needed to gain their trust and product value through the shopping and buying experience.

Beyond Health evaluated their current situation and knew they wanted to accomplish five key objectives:

  • Migrate from their existing platform, Magento 1, since it was no longer supported by Adobe
  • Move to a SaaS eCommerce Platform that could help them easily accomplish their goals
  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV) and conversion rates
  • Improve their overall UI/UX to gain customer confidence
  • Optimize the experience for customers no matte the device

Experts In Ecommerce

Beyond Health set on a mission to find an agency that could help accomplish these targets. The expert team of digital strategists, project managers, and certified developers at Absolute Web we’re up for the challenge. They have been in business for over 21 years and have expertise in migration, development, digital marketing and user experience design.

With a passion to help their clients grow and thrive, Absolute Web consulted with Beyond Health on the scope of the project – from the platform that would best fit their needs to the accompanying tools that would be able to help them hit their conversion and AOV goals.

Absolute Web team

Choosing The Right Platform and Tools

First and foremost, Absolute Web got to work finding an extensible SaaS ecommerce platform that would host their website. As Magento 1 end of life was approaching, Absolute Web knew that they needed to find a platform that would continuously support their brand. Previously, they had lengthy processes that we’re draining them financially and mentally in order to stay compliant on Magento as well as updating the platform and extensions to prevent bugs.

Leading them to the powerful, reliable platform – BigCommerce. Beyond Health and Absolute Web agreed that migrating to BigCommerce would give them the opportunity to stay agile in an ever changing eCommerce environment while being able to take advantage of the savings and pouring them into their marketing strategy.

Our Open SaaS ecommerce platform is designed with customer agility top of mind, providing merchants with the necessary tools to grow and scale at every stage,” said Neal McCoy, VP of Professional Services, BigCommerce. “Partner API integrations are an essential component that gives them the flexibility to choose what works best to customize their storefronts to deliver a personalized, frictionless, online shopping experience across all channels that ultimately builds brand trust and loyalty.”

Neal McCoy
VP of Professional Services, BigCommerce

Next was the process of choosing the key technologies that would help them meet their core objectives – increasing trust signals around their brand for first-time buyers, conversion rate optimization, and improving AOV.

Beyond Health knew that their products we’re perfectly positioned for subscriptions. People who invest in vitamins and supplements typically take them every day, which means they need them delivered on a regular basis to ensure consistency. Previously, they we’re running their subscriptions program through their email program by sending out restock automation emails but there was no way to hook first-time customers from the beginning, be able to analyze the success or for customers to manage their subscription preferences.

Absolute Web helped them identify ReCharge as the leading subscriptions platform that would assist them in hitting their goals while being able to easily go-live and manage as their business grew. Beyond Health enabled a ‘Subscribe & Save’ option for customers that gave them a 5% discount and giving them flexibility to have it delivered at a frequency that made sense for their lifestyle.

“ReCharge empowers growing business, like Beyond Health, by providing a platform that grows with you and allows you to scale your subscription brand with ease,” said Mike Boyd, Launch Engineer at Recharge Payments. “Our platform allows you to build a brand that is meaningful and create long-term relationships with your subscribers all while increasing recurring revenue.”

Mike Boyd
Launch Engineer at Recharge Payments

Success In A New Wave of Health

Absolute Web helped Beyond Health migrate to BigCommerce and implement ReCharge to create a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience for their customers.

With ReCharge for BigCommerce, they were able to easily implement and customize the subscription experience for both first-time shoppers and long-time subscribers. First-time shoppers we’re given the option on the best-sellers to save 5% when subscribed and a disclaimer that you can edit or cancel at any time with no fees associated. Long-term subscribers are able to take advantage of the branded customer portal by swapping products, changing delivery frequency or skipping a shipment.

Beyond Health saw their Average Order Value in the first six weeks of launching rise by almost 8% because of the option to subscribe paired with the flexibility within their subscription program. Additionally, they saw users converting at much higher rates because of the seamless integration, resulting in a conversion rate increase of 15.44%.

Because the BigCommerce and ReCharge integration is so simple to enable, it allows for agencies like Absolute Web to build phenomenal customer experiences on top of the technology. The implemented UI/UX enhancements on desktop and mobile clearly impressed their customers, resulting in an overall revenue boost of 8.85%.

These initial boosts in their data gave assurance to the team at Beyond Health and Absolute Web that their new site on BigCommerce was optimized for first-time users, giving them confidence that the supplements they were buying we’re of premium quality and that the addition of a subscription buying option helped them create long-lasting relationships with their customers.

“The main two goals for Beyond Health & Absolute Web with this project were to improve the user experience on mobile and increase the overall conversion rate, and the inspired decision to move forward with BigCommerce + ReCharge for the new website helped achieve these objectives early on. The stats speak for themselves.”

Sergiu Tabaran
Ecommerce Specialist at Absolute Web