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Absolute Web and Searchspring Partner to Launch New Module

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Searchspring to launch a new module to enhance personalization on Magento 2 stores. With 80% of customers saying they are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers personalization, it’s increasingly evident that customers expect the same level of service offline as they do online.

Together, we developed a new open source, data tracking module that allows retailers to quickly personalize their store’s online shopping experience, even after implementation. Since “Searchspring is a learning platform, meaning the more data it can track, the more intelligent it becomes,” the module will start to learn behavior earlier on in the implementation process. When Searchspring is live on a store, it will already be “equipped with critical insights that allow for enhanced personalization.”

The module is open source, so Magento developers will find it easy to integrate, plus, it “allows for the automatic installation of Searchspring Intellisuggest tracking scripts on product detail pages, cart pages, and the checkout success page.” From there, behavioral data collected through Magento will be used to provide a more personalized shopping experience. This will work best for industries such as Health & Beauty, Apparel, and Regulated Business, where customers crave a deeper level of personalization.


Searchspring offers personalized eCommerce solutions like site search, merchandising, navigation, and personalization to help brands create individual shopping experiences, capturing shopper intent through personal product recommendations, session recommendations, and geo-merchandising by using real-time targeting and display.

James Bathgate, VP of Implementations at Searchspring, shared that “Searchspring teamed up with Absolute Web on this project as part of our continued effort to equip online retailers with the tools they need to deliver personalized shopping experiences. We knew they would be the ideal agency to develop this module, given their status as a market leader in Magento development.”

Read more about it here: https://searchspring.com/blog/searchspring-absolute-web-launch-module-to-enhance-personalization-magento-stores/?utm_campaign

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